Felcotronic Testimonials

"We manage about 450 acres of winegrapes in Napa and Sonoma County. We purchased 8 of the Felcotronic 801’s to use on our ranches. They work great on all varieties.  They are especially good for denser woods such as Cabernet Sauvignon. We have also implemented them for all eutypa cleanup and most grafting projects with great success."

-- Jake Terrell
St. Francis Winery
Sequoia Grove Winery

”We have been using the Felcotronic #811 since 2016 to prune our olive trees and we are very happy with them. They have been a great investment. Now we are using the shears to prune our grapevines, cutting the cordons with Eutypa disease and again I feel it has been the best investment we have ever made.”

-- Julio Cubarrubias
Vineyard & Orchard Manager
Wente Family Vineyards

“I purchased a Felcotronic Pruning Shear #801. It works perfectly. It is a great tool and I would highly recommend this tool to anyone. This is a tool made with quality materials that you won’t regret purchasing.”

-- Jose Barrero
Professional Pruner

“We have 12 sets of the Felcotronic #811 Shears in service. We have had absolutely no problems with them. They are very robust, very well designed and very well built. One of the things the guys like most about them is that they do not have to change from shears to a lopper. I think they have been a very good investment for us.”

-- Keith Brandt
Compliance Manager
Bella Vista Farming Co. LLC

“I’ve used the tool for pre-pruning our vineyard, fruit orchards and general maintenance. It really cuts down on fatigue!”

-- Clayton Gantz for the Felcotronic #811
Private user