Lazer Star Light Testimonials

"We've looked for an alternative to the rented lighting units we've used for many years for night harvest. Lazer Star has come to the rescue! With the three point attachment and crank up tower, the Lazer Star Harvest Light could not be easier to use. Their lights are affordable, and have reduced our costs by eliminating a tractor and driver per crew. Night harvest turned into day harvest with the Lazer Star lighting system."

-- Scott Welcher
Opolo Vineyard

”Our first 6 weeks of harvesting we saved $4,900 in payroll alone by reallocating our employees to other duties. This doesn't include any equipment or fuel savings!.”

-- Lucas Pope
Halter Ranch Vineyard

“Working night harvest is not easy. Improving the quality of life for our crew is always of utmost importance. Lazer Star lights has done just that. No more noisy generators that drown out conversation and music. Nor the poor quality yellow light that only allowed you to see where you were going. This product runs off the tractor battery and is completely silent. The quality and sharpness of the light is truly amazing. Lastly, everything on the light is easily adjustable and can be done in the fild as your topography changes. Our crews were so happy last season, we purchased a second tower immediately. This product is a game changer!"

-- Jordan Lonborg
Tablas Creek Vineyard