Welcome to Trellising Headquarters!

It’s November!  Time for Thanksgiving, literally.  VIP has much to be thankful for.  For starters, our wonderful customers with which we would not be here without.  Our customers have become friends and we value those relationships.  Next, our amazing employees – “Team VIP”.  We count our blessings daily for this great group of people who work tirelessly as a team and truly care about providing quality products and excellent customer service.  We are grateful, honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to work and live in the most beautiful wine regions in an industry with people of shared integrity and family values.  We’re going on 35 plus years folks – and they’ve all been good because of you.  Thank you!



JR Clip Installation Demonstration - See how fast it installs!


Luminite Light Tower


Bird Netting Application


Bird netting bag

Bird netting shipments this year (2014) will ship in our new and improved Bird Netting Bags.  To install on the applicator simply loop the handles around and connect with a bungee cord as shown.