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We are Vineyard Industry Products.

Like our name says, we provide products to the vineyard industry. But we are more than that. We are a committed team of people dedicated to providing top quality service at the best possible prices. We treat our employees with respect and our vendors the same. VIP is steadfast in its commitment to community and loyalty to our customers. Take a look around, check out our trellis calculator and our new Felco Power Pruners. We have an extensive library of installation videos, from pounding T-Posts to running the Luminite night lighting system. From new installations to daily operations we have the products you need when you need them.  

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Expand your Labor Force with the New Felco Power Shears!


For more information on Felco Power Shears, click here.

JR Clip Installation Demonstration - See how fast it installs!

JR Clip Instructional Video

The Luminite inflatable & portable Light Tower

The Luminite Light Tower Night Lighting System

Bird Netting Application

VIP's Bird Netting System - English

Bird Netting Bags

Introducing our new and improved Bird Netting Bags. To install on the applicator simply loop the handles around and connect with a bungee cord as shown.